The Constant Experiment...

A Preview

Today’s world of technology Marketing

The technology sector is fast-paced and distinctive, it’s crowded, noisy and fiercely competitive - the buyers are ever more sophisticated and it’s rarely a single decision process sale. 

I enjoy the thrill and chase of Enterprise sales & marketing, where the risks and rewards are high. It’s very similar to my sport, Crossfit ( Like the technology sector Crossfit is competitive, each workout, each day is different, you train for the unexpected, Crossfit's prescription is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity - sound familiar?  

In Crossfit, not only do you need to train hard to meet the demands of the sport, you need to compete smart, go hard too soon you burn out, go slow, you get left behind - it’s a balance of speed, power, intellect and endurance, you need to know your capabilities and who you’re up against in order to win. 


So I apply this same thinking to business and marketing technology. I love working with businesses to understand their capabilities, limits and potential, I love analysing markets, competitors and propositions - to identify areas where we can win; then and only then do we get to compete...and that’s exciting. We get to take on the competition and we aim to try and outperform them, it’s not easy, we don’t always win, but we learn as we go, we never stop trying and we recognise that you can’t win talking to the wall or dreaming - at the end of the day business is a contact sport. 

The central point to this book is that there are no guarantees when designing and implementing modern marketing approaches. If you see these projects and campaigns as experiments then the relationship and dynamics between sales, marketing and the board are so much more healthier. 

Over the past 30 years I’ve lost count of the number of marketing projects I’ve been involved with, ranging from funky startups, Mid Market Enterprises to Global Corporations. I’ve engaged with almost every type of marketing process from above the line, below the line, through the line, around the line - Digital, Print, Screen Media, Social, Direct & Indirect Sales - all with varying degrees of success. 

There have been epic failures and monumental highs - some where the predicted outcomes looked almost certain - yet fail and others where expectations were low but achieved fantastic results - you cannot put a price on the experience garnered through these varying, challenging and incredibly exciting projects. 

It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work - Jeff Bezos

The point is, Marketing truly is a constant experiment - it’s a game - and at it’s core are both strategic and tactical moves, that are often executed with good intentions and expected outcomes - but not all campaigns win the day.

So this book is about helping people understand that when the All Blacks go to compete with England or Australia or Wales, there’s no guarantees of success, for sure they will learn a lot about themselves during those crucial 80 mins of contact and execution, indeed they would have invested hours upon hours preparing, training, strategising - all with the goal of crossing the line and beating the competition. But there are no guarantees - so why would you expect anything different from a marketing campaign? 

I designed the book to help boards grasp a sense of reality and to think carefully about the investments they make in both time and capital on applying modern day marketing approaches in the technology sector.

In the book, I focus on helping technology leaders apply as much insight, intuition and intellect as possible to de-risk marketing investments and maximise success - without spending so much time pondering that you miss opportunities or get left behind. 

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